Offer Your Valued Dental Services Through Discounted Appleton Dental Plans

As an Arizona dental care provider, there are numerous ways registering with Appleton Dental Plans can benefit and simplify your own dental practice. Rather than deal with insurance companies, we simplify the process of receiving payment for dental work. We have no yearly maximum, no pre-existing clauses, and no waiting periods. Our enrolled members simply call your office to schedule an appointment, come in for treatment, then pay you at the time services are rendered using the discounted rates through our dental plans. You will receive payment directly from your patients at an agreed upon discounted rate, and not have to deal with payments that may otherwise be postponed or refused.

Appleton Dental Plan

How does Appleton Dental Plans Benefit Your Practice?

Dental providers also benefit from our discount dental plans and being registered into our database by increasing visibility. Being a listed dental provider on our website helps you attract new patients with significant savings on their services. Participants in our Provider Program are given the opportunity to be discovered by new, local clients. Your listing will help your practice continue to reach, gain, and retain new patients, and overall increase your business! Participating with Appleton Dental Plan lets your practice offer practical solutions for underinsured patients and those with no dental insurance at all.

REACH & GAIN NEW PATIENTS - Gain new patients when new members enroll for discounted dental plans and discover your practice! Also, reach new patients who would otherwise be unable to afford comprehensive insurance rates.

RETAIN PATIENTS - Keep your patients coming back and motivate inactive or infrequent former patients to continue treatments with your practice by offering savings and discounted rates.

How Your Dental Practice Will Be Presented

Our website features your office individually with a picture, address, location map, phone number, and information such as office hours, special features of your office from your description, and specified areas of expertise. Interested patients can also view the reduced rates for eligible procedures on our website.

Interested in becoming a participating dental provider in our network of discount dental plans? Call 602-957-6453 or fill out application below to become a participating provider!