What is a “Discount” Dental Plan?

The concept of a Discount Dental Plan is to provide individuals, families and small groups dental coverage at a discount.  The general dentists participating in our discount dental plan have agreed to accept a discounted fee as payment in full for each service performed.

Is a Dental Savings Plan considered insurance?

Appleton Dental Plan, a dental savings plan, is not insurance.  It was designed as an affordable alternative to dental insurance, that allows members access to local, participating dentists who complete procedures for a reduced rate, without insurance.

How is a discounted plan different from traditional insurance?

Appleton Dental Plan has many of the same benefits and few of the restrictions of traditional health insurance.  It has a higher level of benefits in certain areas, such as no yearly maximum, no pre-existing clause, and no waiting periods.  You will find the plan is easy to understand and without “fine print”, claim forms, pre-approvals or other cumbersome bureaucracy.

What do I pay?

Your dental plan membership enrollment is free! The only thing you pay will be the discounted costs on the procedures you choose, directly to the participating dental provider. It’s as simple and affordable as that!

When do I become an active member?

Within days after your payment is received you will receive your packets of information including your membership card.  Your membership card will have an activation date printed on it.  You can begin using your dental discount plan according to that date.  There is no 30-day or 90-day waiting period or background checks.

What is a participating provider?

A participating provider is a dentist who has agreed to participate and provide reduced rates on the eligible dental services to Appleton Dental Plan members. Our network is comprised of established private practitioners. You can select any one of the providers you find listed in our network. You will pay the cost of the service directly to the specific dental practice of your choice when you have your procedure done.

How can I contact you?

Our toll-free customer services number is 1-602-95 SMILE. (602-957-6453).