Quality Dental Care Creates Beautiful, Healthy, Lasting Smiles - Above all, our aim is to see you happy with your healthy smile. Appleton wants your experience with us and the dental services we help you find to be professional, successful, and enjoyable. The sole reason we started this company was to make the process of getting the dental assistance you need easier and more reliable. Please feel free to contact the Appleton Dental Plan management and staff at any time with questions or comments. All feedback is welcome, as we want to continue providing successful and affordable dental plans for Arizona residents.

Appleton Dental Plan


Appleton Dental Plan provides discounted and affordable dental plans, not dental health insurance. By working with local Arizona dentists, we help you locate a dentist and receive the best rate on certain procedures. The individual or family plans have many of similar benefits to traditional health insurance. These benefits include no yearly maximum, no pre-existing clauses, and no waiting periods. Both the individual plan and the family plan are designed to be simple and direct, so that you know exactly what you will receive and be charged by different dental facilities.

The benefits of using Appleton Dental Plans are the simplicity and the savings. You always pay the dentist directly for services rendered, according to the fee schedule. You will not be bothered with forms to submit or time spent waiting for pre-approvals and coverage rates. We are not involved in the dentist/patient relationship, and we have no business dictating treatment plans or procedures. We simply facilitate the process of finding the best dentists and deals for your needs and to fit your budget.


    Hello, my name is Dr. Tony Hashemian, Dental Director and Founder of Appleton Dental Plan.  Did you know that recent studies have established a definite link between your oral health and your general health?  Keeping your teeth and gums in tip-top condition is a simple important way to maintain good overall health.  My goal is to create beautiful, healthy smiles, but, also to educate you on the importance of oral health.  Here are some facts you should know:

  • Common oral health problems and risk factors associated with them

    Oral health problems cause physical suffering and premature death, disrupt children’s education, reduce business productivity, and create considerable expenses for later treatment of advanced diseases.

  • The connection between oral health and general well being

    Research findings show possible associations between chronic oral infections and diabetes, heart and lung diseases, stroke, low-birth-weight, premature births.
    Many diseases and conditions have oral warning signs, which could be the first clue to clinical disease.

  • Oral cancer

    In the US, one person dies from oral cancer each hour of every day.  However, when discovered early, oral cancer has an 80 to 90 % cure rate according to the Oral Cancer Foundation.

  • Oral health in children

    Tooth decay is the single most common chronic childhood disease – 5 times more common than asthma and 7 times more common than hay fever. Oral care begins at infancy.

  • Oral health and the elderly

    23% of 65-74 year olds have severe periodontal disease.
    Most older Americans take both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Many of these medications can have an oral side effect, putting them at greater risk for oral disease.
    5% of Americans aged 65 and older are living in a long-term care facility where dental care is problematic.