news-2006dr_hashemian_awardARIZONA SCHOOL of Dentistry & Oral Health (ASDOH) second-year student Christina Cowan, class of 2008, recently received the Dr. Tony Hashemian Award of Excellence for achieving the highest score on part one of the National Board of Dental Examination in July. She is the second recipient of the award given by local practitioner Tony Hashemian, D.D.S. The award is given to the ASDOH student who obtains the highest score on part one and also part two of the national examination. “It is my intention in establishing and providing the awards to build enthusiasm and encourage ASDOH students to excel on the dental board examinations,” said Hashemian, who is president of Classic Dental. “The dental board examination is a challenge for ASDOH students because they take their part one examination a year before all other dental students.” Attaining the highest score was not the personal goal for Cowan; however, she did want to achieve a score that would open residency and research opportunities. “Achieving my personal goals for part one has further motivated me to apply and participate in extracurricular programs and externships,” said Cowan. “Through these adjunctive pro-grams, I hope to continue developing into a well-rounded clinician. My continued desire for excellence and personal development has been strengthened with this achievement as well.” Cowan received the award including a commemorative plaque and a $2,000 scholarship at a ceremony at the Mesa Campus during an ASDOH Grand Rounds session held for first and second-year students. “When I see other dentists in the community giving back, it inspires me to follow their lead,” said Cowan. “I look to these dentists as role models to learn from and emulate.” Pictured at the presentation of the 2006 Dr. Tony Hashemian Award of Excellence at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health are (left to right) ASDOH Dean Dr. Jack Dillenberg, Dr. Tony Hashemian, and ASDOH student and Award recipient Christina Cowan holding the plaque that displays each ASDOH student’s name with the highest score on NDBE part one and part two exams. The plaque is on display at the Mesa-based school.